titan Interference Screw

titan Interference Screw

A reliable and anatomical approach to soft tissue ligament fixation.

titan Interference Screw

The titan is a PEEK interference screw is a reliable and anatomical approach to soft tissue ligament fixation. The titan interference screws are available in sizes 7-12mm with a length of either 23 or 30mm. We offer instrumentation including reamers, drivers, and taps that allow for easy and precise implementation.

Ordering Information

IS-0723 7 23 PEEK
IS-0730 7 30 PEEK
IS-0823 8 23 PEEK
IS-0830 8 30 PEEK
IS-0923 9 23 PEEK
IS-0930 9 30 PEEK
IS-1023 10 23 PEEK
IS-1030 10 30 PEEK
IS-1123 11 23 PEEK
IS-1130 11 30 PEEK
IS-1223 12 23 PEEK
IS-1230 12 30 PEEK
0304-065 6.5 Bone Tunnel Reamer Reusable
0304-070 7.0 Bone Tunnel Reamer Reusable
0304-080 8.0 Bone Tunnel Reamer Reusable
0304-090 9.0 Bone Tunnel Reamer Reusable
0304-100 1o.0 Bone Tunnel Reamer Reusable
0304-110 11.0 Bone Tunnel Reamer Reusable
0304-120 12.0 Bone Tunnel Reamer Reusable
00-24GP-240 2.4 Guide Pin Reusable
0304-AH Axial Handle, 1/4” Quick Connect Reusable
10003-S Screw Driver, 1/4” Quick Connect Reusable
04-20005-R Tendon sizing block Reusable

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