apollo® Knotless Anchor

apollo® Knotless Anchor

Designed for knotless fixation of soft tissue to bone in sports medicine surgeries.

apollo® Knotless Anchor

The apollo® knotless anchors are PEEK suture anchors designed for knotless fixation of soft tissue to bone in sports medicine surgeries. The apollo® knotless is easy to use design accompanied by the double helix thread pitch provides optimal bone fixation. The double eyelet is designed to pass up to three suture limbs on each side and provides controlled tension repairs. The device is available in 4.5mm, 5.5mm, and 6.5mm diameters.

The apollo® knotless anchor product line includes intuitive punches/taps with availability of reusable and/or disposable options.

Ordering Information

41-14520 4.5 20 PEEK PEEK
41-15520 5.5 20 PEEK PEEK
41-16520 6.5 20 PEEK PEEK
00-45P 4.5 Punch Disposable
00-55P 5.5 Punch Disposable
00-65P 6.5 Punch Disposable
00-45T 4.5 Tap Disposable
00-55T 5.5 Tap Disposable
00-65T 6.5 Tap Disposable
01-45P 4.5 Punch Reusable
01-55P 5.5 Punch Reusable
01-65P 6.5 Punch Reusable
01-45T 4.5 Tap Reusable
01-55T 5.5 Tap Reusable
01-65T 6.5 Tap Reusable
01-21045 4.5 Drill Reusable
01-21055 5.5 Drill Reusable

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